MALCA – Ya Layli

Originally from Casablanca, Morocco, MALCA has lived in Paris over the last eight years. After self-producing and releasing his 2015 EP She Gets Too High, MALCA has built a small but dedicated fanbase throughout Europe and his home country of Morocco. Drawing inspiration from the sounds of his homeland while mixing influences of the sensual funk of Prince, MALCA is a fresh new voice for our current musical landscape.

MALCA’s upcoming EP entitled Casablanca Jungle is set to be released in Nov via Berlin based Jakarta Records (Ivan Ave, Illa J, etc).

Today, we’re proud to share the music video for the song “YA LAYLI” which is featured on the upcoming EP. The video and music represents a hybrid and ultramodern universe – mixing cultures, musical styles, influences and more. The video was directed by Mohamed Sqalli.

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